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Information gathered by Brainstorm Logistics, LLC

In compliance with applicable state and federal laws, Brainstorm Logistics, LLC does hereby set forth its Privacy Policy.

User/Member information and site activity data is collected throughout the brainstorm Web site, including domains, browsers, and pages accessed. This information is used for standard reporting purposes and to improve site content and display. Individual information may be captured and retained for later use in conformity with applicable state and federal law.

eService Online: Information required for the purchase and delivery of products, to allow brainstorm to contact customers when necessary, to tailor the user/member experience, and to protect brainstorm from fraud are collected during the shopping and purchase process. Names, shipping address, billing address, credit card numbers and expiration dates, e-mail address, telephone numbers, and other membership/reward numbers or information are among the information collected.

Products or rewards will be mailed or sent via courier/express service to the billing or shipping address as appropriate. Users/Members may be contacted by telephone, mail, or email if additional information is required to complete a transaction. Users may be notified by telephone, mail, or e-mail of service changes.

Cookies are used to hold user preference information, maintain state during a transaction, and to enhance site security. 'Cookies' and system-identification software enable us to:

  • Create a unique user ID for you.
    This saves you from having to log-in each time you visit the Web site.
  • Keep track of purchase transactions during a session at the Web site.
  • Collect usage information about the way you like to use our Web site.
    This allows us to customize and improve the service

For security and audit purposes, all information is archived. Information required for the delivery of the products, to tailor the user experience, and to protect brainstorm from fraud is collected in the subscription process. This includes name, e-mail address, Zip Code, membership number, offers of interest, etc. Personal information in this database is not shared or sold to other parties, except to the extent required by law.

E-mail may be sent when required for timely notification of shipments, or for notification of changes in shipment/product information. All information is regularly reviewed in order to help us improve the service. Information is also used to tailor the user experience, including the e-mail messages and the Web site.Information required for on-line purchases is not shared or sold to other parties, except to the extent required by law. For security and audit purposes, all information is archived.

Use of information gathered by BRAINSTORM LOGISTICS, LLC

Confidential Information: Individual information you supply through the brainstorm web site follows the same standards as member information supplied through phone or mail. From time to time, individual information may be shared with brainstorm partners in order to provide members with more opportunities to earn other benefits associated with brainstorm’s programs. If you choose to keep your information private, please contact the brainstorm Service Center by e-mail, phone, or mail:

E-mail BorgataService@brainstormlogistics.com
Phone (800) 840-4733
Address brainstorm Logistics, LLC
19 Chapin Road, Building B
P.O. Box 2024
Pinebrook, NJ 07058 USA

Brainstorm feedback forms: Questions and comments submitted online may be published in the brainstorm web site or other publications if brainstorm feels that they are of a topic of interest to the audience. Examples include online FAQs. Personally identifiable information will only be published if brainstorm has the user's explicit permission.

All feedback is reviewed. Individuals may be contacted by brainstorm if requested by the user, or if brainstorm feels contact is warranted by the message. Both aggregate and individual comments are used to help improve brainstorm products and services. For security and audit purposes, all contact information is archived.

Disclosure of information gathered by BRAINSTORM LOGISTICS, LLC

brainstorm does not share personally identifiable information with third parties without permission from the user/member. Aggregate information may at times be shared with brainstorm partners and other third parties. Aggregate information includes items like demographic information, domain names, and other site traffic information, but does not include personally identifiable information. An example is: X% of subscribers are AOL users, or X% of specific products purchased.

Use of Third-Party Service Providers

brainstorm does contract with reputable third-parties to facilitate the collection and aggregation of web usage and transaction information; the distribution of advertisements and electronic mail; and the operation of some survey, promotional, and sweepstakes programs. Such third parties are subject to confidentiality requirements and, upon completion of these services, all information is returned to brainstorm.

Use of Web Bugs

Web documents may reference images, sometimes called 'single-pixel GIFs' or 'Web bugs', that streamline the collection of web usage information. brainstorm uses Web bugs to send usage information directly to our advertising and E-mail Service Providers. This helps us better manage our efforts to advertise and communicate via e-mail by providing a better understanding of which banner ads or e-mail bring users to the Web site.

Opting-out of BRAINSTORM LOGISTICS’ databases

Users may opt out of receiving brainstorm e-mail by contacting the customer service department at: BorgataService@brainstormlogistics.com

If you have already provided your e-mail address with your account information, but prefer not to receive e-mails, please:

  • Send an e-mail to the brainstorm Service Center at BorgataService@brainstormlogistics.com, advising our representatives of your preference Visit
  • 'Your Account' and delete your e-mail address, or choose which types of e-mail you wish to receive or do not wish to receive.

Update or Deactivation of personally identifiable information in BRAINSTORM LOGISTICS databases

To correct or update personally identifiable information relating to brainstorm specials, subscribers should contact the
brainstorm Service Center at: BorgataService@brainstormlogistics.com

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